Sporting Detection Dogs Association

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The Sport of Scent Detection

Sporting Detection is the fun and competitive version of scent detection such as for narcotics, termites or explosives, and is also known as “nosework”. SDDA competitions use legal scents that are easily purchased and stored by the average person. The dog must locate any and all hidden target scents within a designated area and alert the handler to the location. It is a true partnership sport in which both ends of the leash must rely on one another.

All Dogs Can Play!!

All breeds, ages, sizes and ability of dogs are welcome. Trial searches are done by one dog and handler team alone, allowing dogs with space issues to focus and succeed. This activity promotes confidence, develops joy in training and provides mental stimulation, ideal for shy, elderly or disabled dogs. The main elements of the sport are good sportsmanship and fun for the dogs and handler.

The Sporting Detection Dogs Association was established in 2012 as a not-for-profit organization so that a wide variety of dogs and their people can enjoy the benefits of detection work and to earn titles in competition.

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