Scenting and Stacey, Oh My!

In which SnifferPug attends a seminar in an effort to assist her handler meet the standards to which she wishes to become accustomed

Having spent some years trying to get my human up to speed on her skills, I insisted she attend a workshop offered on “Alerts” given by SDDA trainer Stacey Shaw. I continue to hold out hope that she may, with some skilled help, be able to mediate what can only be described as ham handed handling.

I was pleased with Stacey. She met all my SnifferPug requirements. First, she had food. That is key. Second, she knew of what she was speaking. Third, she pointed out the numerous things my human does incorrectly: her markers are slow, she marks the wrong behaviour, her food production slower than squashed snail. And she stares at me…what is that about?

I have to say that I was my usual remarkable and stunning self, and targeted Toonies with alacrity. Stacey did have to point out that my human brings all the excitement of watching paint dry in her responses to my fabulousness, but I digress. The human did show some improvement and there is a chance we may actually get this gig in gear. There was some discussion of throwing food, but I could have told Stacey that my human can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a Mack Truck. However, my human gave it her best shot and even I have to admit that she tried hard and there is hope for her. Not much, but some.

I encourage all right thinking sniffy dogs to bring their humans to these events. I found it quite validating to have my deep concerns about my human’s abilities confirmed. I’ve done the best I can, but really, I have the nose, she has the hands. One of us isn’t using their equipment to maximum effect.

And so, as my maiden effort in writing The Scents of Humour, I wish all my fellow sniffers well and to maintain hope for their humans. If mine can improve, anyone can.

Over and out.


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