Video Judging


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For a small fee, you can record your searches and have them judged by one of our board judges (and possibly others if this takes off).  Video a trial type search of any component and level and follow the directions in your receipt to upload your video with a title that includes the level being tested and your name (ex-Int-kapfel.avi).   Keep your video under 3 minutes where possible. This may leave out multiple room searches, but you can still show a single area Excellent Level Interior search, including a clear room if you like. You will be emailed a score and helpful comments on your search within a week. You can submit any number of videos of the same level so one option is to send in a video, get your comments and score, then create a similar search once you have made changes to your performance and see if your score improves. Please be aware that these scores will not be recorded for your dog under any titles. This is a training aid for you only.

All videos, when submitted, are the property of the original owner. The SDDA agrees not to publish or share the video other than with the appropriate judges unless explicit permission is received from the original owner.