Am I a Registered Participant?

Great question.  We do get this often where someone believes they are, but in fact are not a Registered Participant.  When you sign up on the web page to get a login, you are NOT a Registered Participant.  We need all that information so you can register your dog or become a Registered Participant.

A Registered Participant is someone who specifically has paid to become one to obtain all the benefits of being one (early trial notification, discounts on dog registrations, free shipping on SDDA swag, etc.) This is for you, not your dog’s registration. You must renew your Registered Participant status annually.

If you still are not sure if you are an RP – you can go HERE and check.  If beside Status it says Current or New then you are an RP in good standing.  If it is blank or says Expired then you are not a Registered Participant.

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