Why am I not receiving email notifications even though I’m a Registered Participant?

There are two ways this can happen on the SDDA side. The first and most common reason is that your email was returned to us, or ‘bounced’. When email is returned to us, a flag is set to hold future email until the issue has been resolved. This can happen if you have the wrong email address entered, your email host is not working, or your email host bounces the email outright. I try to run an ‘unhold’ on the system regularly in hopes of catching the emails this happens too.
The second reason why this could happen is that you intentionally or unintentionally checked the ‘Do Not Mail” under Reg. Information then My Profile. You must modify that if you have set it. We only send emails to Registered Participants, which is part of the benefits of being one.
We track all outbound email and are even notified when you open the email so if you think you are not receiving email, just send me a note and I will be happy to look it up.
More times than not, the anti-spam tools your email host or even your mail program uses is the culprit. Often with no indication that it dumped/deleted the email. Speak with your email host or look into their FAQs for answers on how to ‘whitelist’ emails from a specific host. Our emails always come from sportingdetectiondogs.ca.
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