What should I do if I don’t have my dog’s registration number in time for a trial?

If your dog registration has been submitted, but you have not received your card yet, you may write “pending” on the entry form for your dog’s SDDA number and contact the SDDA Membership person for your number. Please advise the host as soon as you do get your number so that they can fill out score sheets prior to the day of the trial. You must also bring your dog’s registration card to the trial to confirm that the number is correct and the dog you have entered is the one on the score sheet. This issue can be prevented by registering your dog(s) well in advance of any trial you plan on entering.

Please consider registering your dog and yourself (if you wish) as soon as you feel you are ready to think about trialing. This will help everything run more smoothly. Remember, the dog’s registration is for life so, even if you don’t trial right away, you will have that card on hand for whenever you feel you are ready and a trial comes up that you are interested in entering.

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